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Stain-shedding coating gets tough

Researchers at the Australian Future Fibres Research and Innovation Centre at Deakin University have developed a "super-hydrophobic" coating for fabrics that is both self-cleaning (principles similar to the Lotus Effect) and durable.  The...

2012/04/26 - 12:00
Amoeboid Robot Navigates Without a Brain

In contrast to the flexibility of animal motion by even the most primitive organisms, most robots are design for specific environments with a focus on efficiency and optimization of specific tasks.  Takuya Umedachi of Hiroshima University has...

2012/03/12 - 12:02
A New Coating Promises the End of Smudges

A team of researchers led by Doris Vollmer of the Max Plank Institute for Polymer Research (Mainz) has developed a simple way to create a specific surface roughness that repels oil as well as water, making the material "superamphiphobic".  Tests...

2011/12/07 - 17:02
New Technique Turns Viruses Into Useful Tools

A team of researchers led by Seung-Wuk Lee University of California (Berkeley) is creating structured films using viruses, a technique pioneered by Angela Belcher at MIT (...

2011/10/24 - 10:57
Battery Research: Bionics Reduces Filling Time

The energy density and charge rate of lithium-ion batteries can be increased by reducing the pore size of the electrodes.  However, this makes it more difficult to ensure that the pores are completely filled with the electrolyte.  Current...

2011/10/24 - 11:32
Power from the people

A team led by Dr. Serge Cosnier at the Joseph Fourier University of Grenoble has developed a biofuel cell that generates useful electricity using the body's glucose and oxygen.  The goal is to scale up the fuel cell so that it can power implants...

2011/10/17 - 13:01
Self-healing materials take cue from nature

Various approaches have been implemented to develop self-healing materials, such as incorporating micro-capsules that break under stress and release the healing agent.  These approaches involve a tradeoff: increasing the amount of healing agent...

2011/09/29 - 09:40
Are viruses the way to green manufacturing?

Professor Angela Belcher at MIT is driven to solve "important problems: energy, healthcare, water."  Her work has led to "efficient solar cells and powerful batteries (that she hopes one day will be good enough to run her car); a possibly cheaper...

2011/09/28 - 18:08
Janine Benyus Wins Prestigious Heinz Award

PITTSBURGH, September 13, 2011 - Teresa Heinz and the Heinz...

2011/09/14 - 09:26
Development of Bio-Photovoltaic Devices

Researchers at the Algal Biotechnology Consortium (Cambridge University) are trying to tap photosynthesis using "a variety of biological material such as extracted photosynthetic material (...

2011/09/02 - 15:48