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How Good Are You at Following a Recipe?

Three of the most important parameters that we can study in nature are  structure, energy, and information. DNA is the ultimate...

2012/09/15 - 09:04 gross motor activity, listening, memory, puzzle-solving, teamwork, Age8-10, GrpSize2-4, PrepTime15-30, ActivityTime45-60, Age11-13, GrpSize5-9, Age14-16, Age17+
Sort Yourselves Out

What if No One's in Charge? 

This is a fun, active exercise that is best done outdoors and demonstrates, in a experiential way, the principles of self-organization, emergence and...

2015/03/07 - 17:37 ActivityTime15-30, gross motor activity, listening, memory, ActivityTime30-45, GrpSize5-9, GrpSize10-14, GrpSize15-24, GrpSize25+
Strength From Shape

In Nature Does Shape Matter?

There are all sorts of different shapes and patterns that one can see in nature. Most are not at all random, but have been developed and refined over billions of years of...

2012/09/15 - 09:00 puzzle-solving, teamwork, Age8-10, Age11-13, GrpSize5-9, PrepTime30-60, ActivityTime60-90, GrpSize10-14, GrpSize15-24