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Camouflage sheet inspired by octopus

Researchers lead by Prof. John Rogers (University of Illinois) have developed an integrated 'skin' with three layers contain color elements, a mechanism for changing colors and sensors that detect background patterns.  Although similar to...

2014/08/19 - 12:06
Inching across the Moon in the Lunar Worm

Fil Salustri found an article that described the Aeronutronic study in the mid-1960s to develop a 'Lunar Worm'.  At the time, the composition of the lunar surface was...

2014/05/19 - 10:07
Selfish traits not favoured by evolution, study shows

A study involving simulations of the Prisoner's Dilemma suggests that cooperative strategies can be individually beneficial over numerous interactions if previous communication are taken into account.  The study is consistent with human...

2013/08/02 - 19:49
Computer Vision Reveals The Remarkable Secret of Flocking

William Bialek and his team at Princeton University have used new computer vision techniques that can track the location movement of multiple objects to analyze the coordinated behavior of starling flocks.  They have developed a theoretical model...

2013/07/31 - 13:29
REGEN Energy Inc. Announces Strategic Agreement with Carrier

The REGEN Energy power controller based on the principles of swarm energy was first covered in the December 2007 Newsletter...

2013/04/18 - 09:34
'Bed-of-needles' super-grip plaster for surgical wounds

US scientists have designed a super-grip plaster covered...

2013/04/18 - 09:23
Fireflies Inspire Brighter LEDs

Research at the University of Narmur (Belgium) led by doctoral...

2013/02/08 - 20:23
Key test for re-healable concrete

One of the issues with concrete is the formation of micro-cracks during hardening that can allow water to enter and eventually weaken the concrete.  Microbiologist Henk Jonkers and concrete technologist Eric Schlangen of Delft Technical...

2012/10/30 - 23:21
Coating heals itself after damage

There has been a lot of interest in coatings with specific structural properties using the self-organizing properties of functional modules.  Examples include Lotusan,...

2012/07/28 - 11:23
Inspired by Insect Cuticle, Scientists Develop Material That's Tough and Strong

Researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University have developed a new material that replicates the exceptional strength, toughness, and...

2012/07/09 - 13:52