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DNA as Recipe

DNA can be thought of as a recipe, rather than a blueprint. It starts a series of events like assembling ingredients and then mixing them in order...

2009/09/09 - 10:34

Emergence is the expression of a structure or pattern as a product of its parts and their interactions with each other. The resulting phenomenon...

2009/09/15 - 15:14

Feedback describes the situation when output from (orĀ ...

2010/04/21 - 13:38
Form Follows Function

The shapes and patterns you see in Nature can be explained often by the functions that an organism has to perform. These shapes are subject to the...

2009/09/15 - 15:16

Life builds from the bottom up: a few simple components form chains and then are folded to make complex shapes. These shapes are then combined to...

2009/09/15 - 15:18
Laws and Limits

Nature (the living world) is bound to obey the laws of physics and limits of space and is shaped by these laws and limits into patterns and forms...

2009/09/15 - 15:20
Scientific Inquiry

Most scientists are explorers at heart and get excited most about discovery. This scientific inquiry or exploring can take many forms, but almost...

2009/09/15 - 15:27

Self-organization is a process of attraction and repulsion in which a system, usually an open system, increases in complexity without the...

2010/04/21 - 13:51